Prepare: Workshop Series

VETS, you've served our country & now you're home looking for a job!

But you don't want just any job. You want work that will lead to a career and give you the life you want. Watch our video to see how Edge4Vets can give you an "edge!"

How Edge4Vets works

Edge4Vets offers a system of Prep and Connect. This is what makes Edge4Vets different from other vet job prep programs. We blend "job readiness" training with personal support from business mentors to set you on a pathway to career success – and offer all this online so you can work at your own pace.

In the first segment, PREP, we help you achieve what business leaders say you need most; that is learn how to translate your military strengths into tools for civilian success. Then we CONNECT you to job opportunities that can lead to careers with our company partners.


1. PREP: Translate Your Military Strengths:
Once you register, we'll send you an invitation to take our online Prep Workshop (on Zoom) where we provide orientation and show you benefits you’ll gain. You get support from business mentors to create a draft of a four-part PLAN4SUCCESS for an "edge" in the jobs marketplace.

Following the workshop we send you an invitation to take the Edge4Vets online course – through a series of short videos and exercises the online course guides you to finalize your PLAN4SUCCESS and submit it to earn your Edge4Vets Certificate.

3. CONNECTION WORKSHOP: Match Your Skills to Job Opportunities
The Connect Workshop is the pay-off for your investment of time in yourself. You bring your PLAN4SUCCESS to this session where HR reps from our partner companies help you gain clarity on your strengths – reflected in your PLAN - and support you to MATCH your skills and interests to jobs that can lead to careers at their companies.

Following the workshop series, Edge4Vets connects you to veteran organizations in your community for "wrap around support"– including resume writing, interview prep, counseling and more – to help you get the most from your Edge4Vets experience.

The Edge4Vets system of Prep and Connect really works: research shows that up to 8 out of 10 vets who take Edge4Vets and complete all the steps in the program get jobs!

How It Works

Join Edge4Vets! It's easy as 1-2-3!



Select the workshop (and location) that work best for you. We offer three Edge4Vets workshop options: a "General" program for those who wish to prepare for jobs in business, finance, pharma, media etc. Secondly, an "Edge4Vets at Airports" program for those who wish to prepare for jobs at our partner Airports (in collaboration with Airports Council Int’l – North America.) And thirdly, in response to the virus crisis we’ve created a module to help veterans prepare to become contact tracers.


Connect Workshop

Each of the workshops offers an Orientation on ZOOM, followed by a chance to take the online Edge4Vets course which guides you through the steps to create a personal PLAN4SUCCESS. This is followed by our CONNECTION WORKSHOP (on Zoom) where business mentors from our partner companies in the public and private sectors help you match your skills and interests from your PLAN4SUCCESS to jobs at their companies that can lead to careers.

This video shows a sample video from the online Edge4Vets course to help you translate your military skills into tools for success in the civilian workplace.


Take the Online Course to FINALIZE your Plan

Following the workshop, we connect you to vet groups in your community, including groups such as Goodwill and others, who provide you with "wrap around support" – ie resume writing, interview prep, etc – to help you follow up with contacts you make during the training workshops and get the most from your Edge4Vets experience.

You can use your PLAN when you apply for jobs but also we share your PLANS4SUCCESS with senior HR reps at our partner companies! This can be worth gold to you!



Network Building

Get connected to HR reps for job opportunities at our partner companies.

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